How We Rate

Taste and texture

A protein powder can have the perfect macronutrient profile, but if it doesn’t taste good or has an undesirable texture, you won’t end up using it. Protein powder is something many people use every single day, so we think it’s extremely important to find a formula that tastes good and can blend easily into your food or drinks. Taste and texture can also be indicators of the quality of the ingredients used to create the formula.


The ingredients are what set different protein powder formulas apart. The best protein powder blends are ones that use high-quality, clean ingredients. You want to be able to pronounce and recognize every ingredient listed on the label. Protein supplements made with indistinguishable “proprietary blends,” chemicals, artificial flavoring or allergens fall lower in our ranking.


Every body is different, so the more tailored your protein powder is to your individual needs, the better. Different blends are needed to achieve different goals, so the ability to customize your protein powder formula is a game-changer and results in a higher ranking.


When you use protein powder every single day, it does become an investment. That’s why we look for protein powders that have a good quality-to-price ratio. We’re seeking out the best quality for the best price and take note when the price doesn’t align with the formula’s quality.

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