Our #4 Protein Brand*

MusclePharm’s protein contains multiple types of proteins to maximize muscle growth. 

Protein Rating Breakdown

Taste 80%
Macros 70%
Texture 70%
Value 80%

Product Score


Why We Rated MusclePharm #4


MusclePharm’s Combat protein powder contains a blend of various types of proteins, including isolate whey, casein, egg, BCAAs and glutamine, that is designed to maximize muscle growth and repair. This formula has 25 grams of protein per serving and is designed for individuals who want multiple protein sources that feed muscles over a longer period of time, such as overnight. MusclePharm protein powder also mixes easily with almond milk, water, milk, blended fruits or vegetables.


MusclePharm protein powder contains many ingredients with allergenic potential, which can be an issue for people with concerns about soy, lactose, artificial ingredients, acesulfame potassium or sucralose.

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