Our #5 Protein Brand*

Vega is a plant-based, vegan-certified protein blend.

Protein Rating Breakdown

Taste 60%
Macros 90%
Texture 60%
Value 80%

Product Score


Why We Rated Vega #5


Vega protein powder is a plant-based blend made from sources like peas, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and alfalfa. Vega is formulated with tart cherry extract, an ingredient that has been studied for its ability to speed up post-workout recovery. It also has super greens, omega-3s, eight vitamins and minerals and probiotics. Each serving of its Sport blend contains 30 grams of protein. With its high amount of protein per serving, Vega is a great vegan option for athletes.


The texture of Vega is known to be on the rougher, chunkier end of the spectrum and can leave an undesirable aftertaste.

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